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    Default Looking for some help :)

    Hi Everyone,

    Long-time looker, first-time poster, I have wanted to lose weight and gain some muscles.

    But every time I attempt it I fail because I don't have a good solid plan or even know where to start.

    I began to walk for 1h about two weeks ago and have been doing it ever since, just to get some cardio in at least to not me a lazy butt.

    I'm 30 years old, 220 pounds, 5 foot 9inchs. I bought myself an exercise bike, elliptical machine and now a home gym.

    My problem is I don't really know how to use my Home Gym, I mean I know to set it up and everything I have the Wall Poster, but I'm just not sure How many reps to do, how much weight to start with, how long my workout should be.

    I work on the computer every day for my job, so im sitting a lot. I feel like my health is declining fast and my confidence is lacking as im overweight.

    My goal is to look something like this in the end - wont let me post a photo but it was jason statham lol

    Just need some guidance.

    Here are my Workout Machines I have.

    wont let me post photos sorry
    Homegym - nordictrack 360 home gym
    elpictical - nordictrack c 12.9 elliptical
    bike - Everlast EV826 Recumbent Cycle

    I also need to eat better come up with a better diet plan as well.

    What I do now, I go for a 1-hour walk or use the elliptical for 1h a day.

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    Hi and welcome. The forum is pretty much dead.

    It would be pretty easy to lean out at your age and weight. Just by cleaning up your diet, removed as much as possible everything that is processed (transformed food) and eat real food. Stay away from sugar, dairies except plain greek yogurt and low fat cottage cheese and wheat product. Eat a protein based diet, animal protein is best, always eat protein and fat or protein and carbs, try to never mix carbs and fats together. The best is to eat your carbs near workout.

    A good example if you train in afternoon would be:

    Breakfast protein + fat like an omelet or a steak and vegetable

    Lunch chicken + potato + vegetable

    Training (you can use a shake of protein and carbs for the workout)

    Dinner White fish + rice + vegetable

    Evening snack Plain greek yogurt

    For training, how many times a week you train ?

    “Strong people make other people stronger. They don’t put them down.”
    "If success makes you arrogant, you haven’t really succeeded. If failure makes you determined, you haven’t really failed...''


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