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    Question Newbie needs help pls :)

    Hey y'all

    Ok so I'm going to preface this by saying I tried to find and read the forum rules and I'm having trouble finding them so if I've unintentionally broken any rules, I apologize in advance. Also, I looked for stickies for common questions/themes but I am having trouble identifying them if there are any?

    Ok, so I'm looking to cut fat % in my body (who isn't right?). I am doing weights and HIIT cardio at least 4 days a week but all that work amounts to nothing if I can't lose fat to show off the work right?

    I've been watching my food intake and I'm doing well in that regard, however I have absolutely NO energy to do anything; 20 minutes on a treadmill about kills me. I have had blood work done and this is what I do know:

    1. my estrogen (I'm female) is high. So basically I know this is a contributing factor to my lack of energy. The irony is that if I can manage to exercise more, it will increase testosterone and lower estrogen... but I have to get there LOL.

    2. my thyroid is on the 'high' end of normal.... meaning I could have thyroid issues (probably do) which also could wreak havoc on energy levels (not to mention fat loss which is a definite problem... the progress is what I'd classify as slow to non-existent).

    I'm also a mom and in addition to a 1.5 hour commute one-way to work, I don't get to even start exercising til about 8:30 pm at night which isn't helping. I'm wiped out before I start.

    I'm 5'5" and currently 195 lbs (fighting weight is 145 lbs). So that means 50 lb loss to even BEGIN to show some good definition (of course I'm guessing a bit... haven't actually had body fat measured properly at this point but it's not good LOL). I should add that I cannot eat anything with gluten (so most grains are out) and besides, the minute I eat a grain, I gain fat and retain water so I stay away. I need to find a way to:

    1. Increase energy levels so I can actually try to exercise more and for longer periods to improve results;
    2. Build muscle despite the high estrogen levels (not easy); and
    3. Find a means to speed up the fat loss so I don't lose what little motivation I have left.

    I'll close by saying I have done some bodybuilding before and I'm a martial artist... I'm just really confused because what has always worked in the past (reduce calories, increase protein, lower carbs and train train train) does not seem to be working now, so I'm drawing a blank.

    Any suggestions? Thank you in advance and Happy New Year to you all.


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