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    Default Can looking at yourself in mirror too much be counter productive.....

    I noticed that i look at myself in mirror constantly to see if my body is changing.I am sure most people do the same thing. But i don't see any difference yet other people make comments about how its changing and that my hard work is paying off. I guess i am my worst enemy and worst critic. Also noticed that some big guys at the gym who are also very ripped complain about how small they are. I don't think 250 Lbs ripped is small. i am gonna keep training hard an eating good.
    I am 210Lbs and five foot eight. Trying to look more ripped but i find it hard to drop weight because i have worked hard to get where i am. I started at 170 lbs and it took 5 years to get to 210 lbs.Although i know if i lose some bodyfat i will look better . On a keto now diet and will continue doing this.My goal is to lose fat and keep most of my muscle mass. i would appreciate any comments. Thanks

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    From the Daily Buddha (Today)

    Have you ever looked in the mirror and played an ugly mental narrative? You know – that negative tape that imparts nasty messages about yourself and says things like: “You look terrible!” OR “You look fat!” OR “Geez … you look old!”

    If so, I encourage you to give serious thought to changing your mental tape. It is important to bear in mind that when you adjust your inner dialogue, it needs to happen on the conscious and subconscious level for meaningful change to take place.

    This can be accomplished by using positive affirmations in front of the mirror. Yep, you heard me right, a mirror! By establishing a visual and psychological connection with yourself in front of the mirror, you are creating greater awareness around your thoughts. At its core, we are talking about mindfulness. Sound silly? Maybe! Before you discount this, consider how much energy and effort you give your negative thoughts.

    The new messages that you will say to yourself in front of the mirror are designed to penetrate deep into the psyche – past the reinforced wall of negativity that has been cutting you off from self-love for so many years. You see, once you believe that you are truly worthy of happiness, you begin the mindful process of attracting positive things into your life!

    I won’t lie. Mirror work takes time and can be an exercise in humility. This is perfectly normal however, and is part of your journey to greater self-understanding. So how about it, are you ready to face the only person holding you back?

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    It is difficult to see changes in your body as they happen very slowly (natural physique) and are not very dramatic usually. People who see you only on rare occaisions will notice the difference much easier.

    That's not to say its not a good idea but checking every week or so will probably drive you nuts. It would be a much better idea to take pictures say front and rear double bi in shorts and then keep the pics in chronological order. This will show you total progression and you can compare before and after and differences in weeks, months etc.

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