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      Description: At NOW Foods, our high standard and attention to detail significantly contribute to our manufacturing and distribution operations. Beginning with the purchase of raw materials, NOW assures product quality by dealing only with experienced reputable vendors, many of whom are GMP, organic and/or ISO 2000 certified. NOW Foods is now GMP Certified!

      Over time, we have formed lasting relationships with many of these suppliers based on their ability to consistently supply us with superior products of uncompromised quality. All of our vendors are required to provide detailed specification sheets and lot specific certificates of analysis. In considering a new vendor's product our standards are very strict and involve ten different departments in making quality determinations about the new materials. As a result, whatever NOW Foods' product you purchase, you can be assured it began with only the highest quality raw materials without exception.

      NOW Foods' Receiving Department guarantees all our inbound packaging and raw materials are 100% free of all product damage, including pest contamination. Additionally, the department ensures all products are accurately identified and quality control sampled with organic certified products noted.

      Before any raw materials are used for manufacturing, they are staged in a quarantine area until approved by our Quality Control Department for compliance with NOW Foods' stringent product specification standards.

      Depending on their unique storage requirements, all raw materials are then stored either in our climate controlled warehouse or in refrigerator and freezer units prior to their use in manufacturing. They are stored according to quantity, lot number and, most importantly, stock rotation.

      * GMP Certified, 250,000 sq ft, (ultra modern), (state of the art facility)- one of the most admired in the industry!
      * Three, fully functional, on site quality laboratories- running the most current and advanced testing equipment including the ICP-MS unit, for heavy metal testing.
      * Celebrating their 40th year- (It would be impossible to stay in business for 40 years if the quality was not there).
      * Manufacturer Of The Year- (Two time winner)!
      * NOW voted "The Best Full Line Of Supplements" by Whole Foods magazine.
      * NOW is also very active in Charitable Efforts and Environmental Sustainability.
      * Award winning recycling program, forest preserve clean up, donates rain barrels to local organizations who teach on water conservation.
      * NOW has consistently reduced total waste by 50% over past 10 years.
      * NOW has received numerous Environmental Achievement awards.

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