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  1. Where In Canada Are You From ? POLL
  2. Age check
  3. I have a girlfriend!!
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  5. My CBB friends. I really need your help! PLEASE!
  6. How many of Guys Get This On a Regular Basis From their Women!?
  7. Worst Date/Pick Up Moments
  8. Wedding
  9. Sex Drive
  10. Love Poem
  11. What do you guys think
  12. well i have been broken </3 **** me
  13. Selling Virginity to pay for school
  14. Did you ever cheat?
  15. Ever been cheated on?
  16. need some advice....
  17. Lovin A Sociopath .. ?!?
  18. Application Denied
  19. Best Craigslist Personals
  20. F'in Exes
  21. guys, my girldfriend wont take me back...any suggestions?
  22. Husband lost his job and family
  23. Where do YOU guys meet women
  24. Prostate induce orgasms...
  25. Undies
  26. What times are you are most often here?
  27. Valentine's Day
  28. Dating a girl with a kid?
  29. Choose a Movie Title to describe your Sex life *best game ever*
  30. Do you shave your legs?
  31. What would you do IF??
  32. Second date ideas!
  33. yes or no
  34. definatly wife material
  35. anyone give massage to the wife/GF
  36. Couples on CBB
  37. HOT DAMN!! Got engaged bros!!
  38. Marriage Opinions
  39. anyone wish they Had 12 incher?
  40. Would you?
  41. Plenty Of Fish
  42. Hottest GF's of CBB goons!
  43. Post hot POF girls here....
  44. Picking up signals from women?
  45. Do Girls really hate Hummers?
  46. The first thing to relate sex and morals together thats ever happened to me.
  47. Long term relationship's ending
  48. Whom not to marry... good advice for the male.
  49. should I or shouldn't I ???
  50. Women ? 20's / 30's / or 40's
  51. Did you know? - The something about me thread.
  52. hate how chicks make u feel insecure!
  53. A-Z Guide to Your Quarter Life Crisis: Quarter Life Crisis
  54. Can you find love on the internet?
  55. Advice from guys with gf's
  56. Chinese Guy Searches for a Girlfriend!
  57. Winnipeg,Canada Top Model Meaghan Waller
  58. My ex gf LOL
  59. What to do?
  60. Need date ideas asap!
  61. Anniversary
  62. Sex in Public
  63. Best sex ever
  64. pregnant girls... do they become satan?
  65. Would you be mad if your girlfriend kissed another girl?
  66. Rules that guys wished girls knew.
  68. Breakup Ground Rules: Raise your hand and repeat after me.
  69. I want my Shyat Back!
  70. well come tuesday my visits here will be choppy for a short period!
  71. What should I do????
  72. Would you tell....
  73. my leather
  74. The Secret
  75. ChineseGuy
  76. Just friends?
  77. What the hell do I do?
  78. Do you believe in marriage/LTR?
  79. My story
  80. For the guys "the Lets just be friends" REPLY..
  81. 3 Some
  82. Dating your best friends sister
  83. My theme song
  84. Moral Dilema
  85. It went from bad to very very bad now
  86. Could I trust this person?
  87. Why does every girl try to scam me for money?
  88. im f'in confused
  89. women issues
  90. ****ed up
  91. Breaking up with a girl during PCT.....
  92. How do you stop yourself from getting feelings for someone?
  93. Question for married guys ONLY.
  94. It's over now for SURE....
  95. Over night !!
  96. Recent breakup
  97. The one that got away
  98. 10 year anniversary
  99. Getting her back...
  100. Mixed messages with new girl
  101. Can anyone recommend a hot girl for 'singing telegram' with lapdance?
  102. More of my relationship drama
  103. Relationship Dilemma
  104. DUMPED:(
  105. SpatSolver—The Ultimate Argument Resolution Device
  106. Going to the bar when you have a gf...
  107. Asked a girl out for the first time in a LONG time
  108. The setup
  109. Ever wonder if you are biologically destined to be alone?
  110. Re: Durk.. and random discussion
  111. Weight Loss Competitions
  112. Life......live and learn.....
  113. i have a thing for damaged girls
  114. Dedication... in bodybuilding but not relationships
  115. Important question plz read!!!
  116. still dont get girls
  117. UPDATE: To important question plz read!!!
  118. when it comes to women...
  120. Progress
  121. Interesting Pattern
  122. Update 2 about ex gf
  123. Last night
  124. not sure where to post this....
  125. Looking for a girlfriend
  126. walking down the street
  127. Would you...
  128. Date of my life
  129. sex for mental well being?
  130. Got dumped for Christmas:(
  131. No time for a girlfriend but I want one
  132. Trust
  133. plenty of fish
  134. Would you consider this cheating?
  135. kids
  136. Have you ever had a threesome with your woman?
  137. Respect
  138. Relationship
  139. First dates SUCK...
  140. Going on a date tonight
  141. Valentines Day Ideas
  142. Common law - Can anyone recommend next course of action?
  143. Never Say I'm Sorry Again: The Apologizer
  144. Funny but true....
  145. Breakups...
  146. I'd like some advice.
  147. I need to talk
  148. need some advice
  149. Serious training partner needed - edmonton, alberta. world health gym
  150. Not like before...
  151. where are they all hiding???
  152. Self-conscious chick
  153. GF found my stash
  154. Choose the title
  155. Another one bites the dust
  156. Cut her off?
  157. Everything You Need to Know About Boobs
  158. FBB looking for other FBBs near Toronto
  159. Settling down...
  160. Need some insight...I'm at a crossroad.
  161. F*cked
  162. mixed feelings
  163. Love hurts
  164. Women and "friends"
  165. Are you Divorced?
  166. Dealing with seperation
  167. Dating Tips 101
  168. What to get her for Christmas?
  169. Can Men and Women be just friends?
  170. valentines day with a very special lady: a hooker
  171. Dating Service Commercial